Development of Tourism

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Progress in Tourism in the district of Cooch Behar
Year No. of
No. of Trips
No. of Tourists
No. of Tourists
staying in
Tourist Lodges
No. of
Tourist Lodges
('000 )
2007-08 - - - 1656 5 339
2008-09 - 46 2766 1730 5 690
2009-10 - 48 2790 2360 5 703
2010-11 - 52 2875 2615 5 866
2011-12 - 55 2913 2739 5 941
Sources : 1) Divisional Forest Office, Cooch Behar Divn.
2) Dy. Range Manager, Rasik Beel, Baxa (L) Divn., W.B.F.D.C.
3) Manager, Benfish, Cooch Behar

    As regards tourism development in Cooch Behar district, different tourism activities have been undertaken by the Tourism Department, Govt. of West Bengal.

   Aims :-

To expose the Dooars area and rich cultural & historical places of Cooch Behar district to the outside world and to develop infrastructure so as to increase the inflow of tourists both domestic and foreign.


To create economic opportunities for the local people through increased tourism activities.

The following steps have been taken for the development of tourism in Cooch Behar and in surrounding Dooars areas with the aforesaid objectives :

The existing and potential tourist spots in the entire district had been identified.

ii) A 20 years tourism prospective plan has been prepared.

One Tourist Information office had been opened and started functioning at Cooch Behar district H.Q. headed by one Tourism Officer.


Amongst the historical and archeological sites, one aecheological site at Gosanimari Excavation located at a distance of about 40 kms. from district H.Q. is being taken up for developing into a tourist destination.


The Rasik Beel, a famous Bird's Sanctuary is being improved upon as a tourist destination.


The Forest Department has also provided cottages and bungalows at different spots for the tourists.


The Raj Palace has also been renovated including museum which is open to the visiting tourists and for the comfort & entertainment. A garden with light & sound system has been provided beside the palace.


A Tourist Lodge will be constructed in cooch Behar town as a part of tourism development.

   To attract more tourists, tour packages have been started. The Trekking Programme and Educational Package Tour Programmes have been organised.

   Fairs & Festivals have been organised in Cooch Behar including Car Rallies and Teesta Tea & Tourism Festivals which were organised at Cooch Behar as a part of tourism development.

   The district Administration has been actively involved in the development of tourism in Cooch behar, in association with the Tourism Department, Govt. of West Bengal.