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Royal History : Truce with East India Company

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In 1772 Maharaja Dhairjendra Narayan, the ruler of Behar was imprisoned by the king of Bhutan. In 1773, Maharaja Dharendra Narayan took shelter in Rangpur of Panga and asked for help from the Agent of East India Company over 

there. Thereupon a treaty was signed with the East India Company. With this treaty the State of Behar became a friendly counterpart of the British.The following letter illustrates that historic event :-

       Dharendra Narayan, Raja of Cooch Behar having represented to the Honourable the President and Council of Calcutta the present distressed state of things of the country, owing to its being harassed by the neighboring Rajas, who are in league to dispose him, the Honourable President and Council from love of justice and desire of assisting the distressed have agreed to send a force, consisting of four companies of Sepoys and a field-peice for the protection of the said Raja and his country against his enemies and the following conditions are mutually agreed to :~

    1st :- That the said Raja will immediately pay into the hands of the Collector of Rongpur Rs. 50,000 to defray the expenses of the force sent to assist him.

    2nd :- That if more than Rs. 50,000 are expended, the Raja make it good to the Honourable the English East India Company, but in case any part of it remains unexpended it be delivered back.

    3rd :- That the Raja will acknowledge subjection to the English East India Company upon his country being cleared of his enemies and will allow the Cooch Behar country to be annexed to the Province of Bengal.

    4th :- That the Raja further agrees to make over the English East India Company one-half of the annual revenue of Cooch Behar for ever.

    5th :- That the other moiety shall remain to raja and his heirs for ever, provided he is firm in his allegiance to the Honourable United East India Company.

    6th :- That in order to ascertain the value of Cooch Behar country, the Raja will deliver a fair Hastabud of his didtrict into the hands of such persons as the Honourable the President and the Council of Calcutta shall think proper to depute for that purpose, upon which the valuation of annual Malguzari which the Raja is to pay, shall be established.

    7th :- That the amount of Malguzari settled by such person of the Honourable the East India Company shall depute, shall be perpetual.

    8th :- That the Honourable East India Company shall always assist the Raja with a force when he has occasion for it for the defense of the country, the Raja bearing the expenses.

    9th :- That this treaty shall remain in force for the space of two years, or till such time as advices may be received from the Council to rectify the same for ever.

      This treaty signed, sealed and concluded by the Honourable the President and council at Fort William, the fifth day of April, 1773, on one part and by Dharendra Narayan, Raja of Cooch Behar at Behar Fort, the 6th Magh 1179 Bengali Style, on the other hand.

In 1774 the king of Bhutan signed treaty with East India Company after losing to them. Maharaja Dhairjendra Narayan was set free. Having heard of the treaty with the 

Company in seeking British help at time of distress, the Maharaja was much disheartened having lost its independence.

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