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Cooch Behar - a place of historical heritage
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 Presenting the culturally rich and historical places of Cooch Behar district.
Also explore Tourist Spots around Cooch Behar like the Dooars in Jalpaiguri, Kamakhya & Dhubri in Assam. 
Tourist spots segregated as :
Cooch Behar City
Religious Sites
Other Spots in the District
Archeological Monuments like excavation in Gosanimari
Dooars in Jalpaiguri
Kamakhya & Dhubri

   Among the tourist attractions in Cooch Behar, what strikes first in our mind is the Rajbari or the palace of the Kings and the adjoining royal buildings as well as the endless royal facts & stories. In fact, being the place of the Raj (monarchy), the district captures the bygone glorious past in the moods of local people even today. The peace loving people of Cooch Behar even boast of this beautiful city where the Maharajas (kings) used to stay and never tires, if not laments in excitement, narrating the Raj stories. 

Rajbari - royal palace of the Koch

Cooch Behar Royal Palace

It is obvious that anyone who has visited Cooch Behar city cannot keep sound in not appreciating this beautiful planned city with infrastructure quite similar to any modern planned city. Moreover, the place is so quiet & calm, void of the hassle-n-bustle of busy cities. And above that the climate here like the rest of North-Bengal is just fine to let you feel the freshness & beauty of nature all around.

 Attractive sites within Cooch Behar city can be mainly segregated as
Rajbari (royal palace) of the "Koch" dynasty - Rajbari exclusive -

Madan Mohan Bari (temple of Lord Madan Mohan)
- Madan-Mohan Temple -
Heritage Buildings now being used
    as Govt. Offices, hospitals & defense
- Heritage Buildings -
   Following are some glimpses about the city of Cooch Behar :~.

Palace of Koch kings - popularly known as Rajbari

Palace of Koch kings - popularly known as "Rajbari"

Rajbari at night

"Rajbari" at night

  Idealised from the concept of classical European style of Italian Renaissance, this magnificent palace was built by the famous Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan in 1887. Raised on a base of 1.5 metres in height, this double storied brick building covers an area of 4768 square metres. It extends 120 metres from north to south and 90 metres from east to west. The frontal facade consist of a series of arches resting by an alternate arrangement of narrow and broad piers to contain single and double Corinthian pilasters respectively.  For more details about the Rajbari  click here

Lord Madan-Mohan

Lord Madan Mohan


Main Temple of Madan-Mohan
Main Temple of Madan Mohan

Situated in the heart of the Cooch Behar town. Constructed by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan during 1885 to 1889. Deities of Lord "Madan Mohan" , "Ma Kali" , "Ma Tara" , "Ma Bhavani" adorn the campus. On the occasion of Rush Purnima the traditional Rush Yatra  along with Rush Mela , one of the biggest festivals of North Bengal, is celebrated every year in Cooch Behar.  For more details about Madan- Mohan  click here

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   Cooch Behar is culturally rich district of West Bengal. In line with the majority of the population being Hindus, this is the pious land with lots of Temples and ancient mythological erect structures as well as monuments that could not be restored through ages and now facing gradual destruction. Some of the attractive religious sites within Cooch Behar can be mainly segregated as
Madan Mohan Temple & Baradebi Bari in Coochbehar town Baneswar Temple
Madhupur Dham Temple Kamteswari Temple at Dinhata
Madan Mohan Temple, Mathabhanga Siddhanath Siva Temple, Dhaluabari
  Following are some glimpses of holy places :~

Madan Mohan Bari

Madan Mohan Bari   - Madan-Mohan Temple -

   Situated in the heart of the Cooch Behar town this temple was constructed by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan during 1885 to 1889. The deities include those of Lord MadanMohan, MaKali, MaTara, MaBhavani and other forms.


Baradebi Bari

   Situated at Debibari of Cooch Behar Town. Idol of Goddess Durga is installed inside this temple which has the influence of European architecture. Durga Puja at Debibari is of major attraction during Saradutsav. Also see   idol of Baradebi 

Baneswar Siva Temple

Baneswar Siva temple
Ardhanariswar Temple (inset); Tortoise at Baneswar
Ardhanariswar  temple (inset); Tortoise at Baneswar

   Situated at a distance of about 10 km to the North of Cooch Behar town, the temple has a 'Shivalinga' 10 feet below the plinth level. Also present in the temple is 'Gouripat'. By the side of the main temple is another temple which has the statute of 'Ardhanariswar' installed. On the occasions of Madan Chaturdashi and Dol Purnima this statue is carried temporarily to the Madan Mohan Temple of Cooch Behar town. This has given it the fame as  'Movable Baneswar'. There is a big pond within the temple campus having a large number of tortoise. Some of the tortoises are very old and big in size. At Siva Chaturdashi a big mela is held here for a week.

Shivalinga at Baneswar Temple

'Shivalinga' at Baneswar temple >



Madhupurdham Temple

Madhupur Dham temple

Entrance to Madhupurdham Temple

Entrance to Madhupur Dham temple

   In 1489, Shankaradeva performed his last journey to Cooch Behar  when Maharaja Nar Narayan requested him to preach the  teachings of the neo-Vaishnava cult. It was in his honour that the Madhupur Dham was built in the 16th century. This place has a special significance for the devotees of Acharya Shankaradeva.

Kamteswari Temple

Kamteswari temple

   Situated at a distance of about 8 km  west of  Dinhata railway station, the original temple is now destroyed. The present temple has been established by Maharaja Pran Narayan in 1665. Inside the temple the throne of Debi is situated. Beside the main temple 2 smaller temples also exist at the back-side of the temple courtyard. At the gate a Tarakeswar Sivalinga exists. A large number of festivals are observed here of which the Batha Festival of Debi in the month of Magh is worth mentioning.

MadanMohan Temple, Mathabhanga
Madan Mohan temple, Mathabhanga

Situated near the S.D.O.'s office, this temple is domed at the top. Statues of Krishna and Balaram are established in the Temple. Ratha Jatra, Raas Jatra, Janmastami and Dole Jatra are celebrated here every year.

Siddhanath Shiva Temple
Siddhanath Siva temple, Dhaluabari

Situated at a distance of 7 km from Cooch Behar Town on the way from Cooch Behar to Dinhata, this beautiful temple epitomizing terracotta as a mode of art. Constructed by Maharaja Harendra Narayan and Maharaja Shibendra Narayan during 1799 to 1843 the Temple has  5 dome like peaks, but at present the largest middle one has been damaged.

Siddheswari Kali Temple

Siddheswari Kali Bari

   Situated at a distance of 11 km from Cooch Behar town (one km from Baneswar), it was constructed around 1830 by Maharaja Harendra Narayan. The temple houses the idols of Goddess Siddheswari. There is the holy Kamranga  tree by the side of the temple.

Gunjabari Temple

Dangar Ayee Temple

    Situated at Gunjabari in Cooch Behar town. Constructed by the 1st Queen i.e. Dangar Ayee, Kameswari Debi, of Maharaja Shibendra Narayan during 1839 to 1847. It is famous as the 'Aunt's House' of Lord Madan Mohan and hence the locality is known as Gunjabari.

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  Following are some glimpses of other Tourist spots in the district :~
Rasik Bil

Guest House

Guest House - 2

Guest House - 3
The Bil/Lake

Rasik Bil
Boating at Rasik Bil


Children Park

Protected water surfaces

Gosanimari Rajpat

Remains of Rajpat lying underground

Big well being exposed after excavation

Stone sculptures being excavated

(Gosanimari, Dinhata)

Stone engraved forms

For more details about Tinbigha 
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  There are other tourist spots in the district where you can find enough sweetness to quench your thirst of traveling all the way to this place. In context to the age-old problem of cross-border infiltration, which is an acute problem for West Bengal as well as for our entire nation, in line with the international border with Bangladesh to the south of Cooch Bahar, there are some Chitmahals (areas administered by Bangladesh but within our nation) like Tinbigha, a corridor through which international traffic passes through. Here are some glimpses of such tourist spots in other parts of this district.

Other Natural Resorts :~
    (1) Hollong, Baradabri, Jaldapara Sanctuary, Buxaduar Tiger Reserve
    (2) Gorumara National Park, Murti, Jaldhaka/ Jhallong, Bindu
    (3) Samsing, Suntaleykhola
    (4) Mongpong, Loleygaon, Lava, Kalimpong, Tarkhola, Rongpo, Gangtok
    (5) Lepchajagat, Mirik
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these Resorts,
and rates
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