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Experience the beauty of the majestic Rajbari
Welcome to Rajbari
- the Palace of Koch kings

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Royal Symbol

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Idealised from the concept of classical European style of Italian Renaissance, this magnificent palace was built by the famous Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan in 1887. Raised on a basement of 1.5 metres in height, this double storied brick building covers an area of 4768 square metres. It extends 120 metres from north to south and 90 metres from east to west. The frontal facade consists of a series of arches resting by an alternate arrangement of narrow and  broad  piers to  contain  single  and  double Corinthian pilasters respectively.

A porch is  projected in the   center   to  provide  main  entrance to the building through   the Durbar Hall.   Recalling  the  memory of St. Peter's Church at Rome,  the Durbar Hall is dodecagonal in shape, resting   on four  arches  supported  by  massive Corinthian pilasters and projecting a lantern at the top. The intrados of the dome is relieved in stepped patterns and flanked by a small elegant balcony with twelve window openings at the base. In the center of the Durbar Hall, the marble floor contains the royal insignia in pietradura. The building contains more than fifty rooms/halls of varied dimensions which include the bedrooms, dressing rooms, billiard room, kitchen, dinning hall, dancing hall, library, toshakhana and the ladies gallery. Certain  rooms  deserve   special attention   for their  beautiful paintings in  the  ceiling  as well as in the interior wall surface.

'Koch' Rajbari at Cooch Behar town
View of Rajbari from frontal garden
Majestic lighted Rajbari
Rajbari Gate
Rajbari (front-side view)
Rajbari - Entrance to Darbar Hall
Rajbari - floor of Darbar Hall
Rajbari - inside view of ceiling (dome)

  Enter the Rajbari Museum 
View of Rajbari from adjacent poolside
Night-view of beautiful Rajbari
Way to Rajbari through this pavement
Rajbari wall
Rajbari corridor
Rajbari - the royal symbol
Rajbari ceiling

If want to know about the Royal HIstory kindly click here or Royal History Button Location : 'Rajbari gate' on
Keshab Road ;

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near 'Central Bus Terminus'

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